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Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio Derbez remembers that when he arrived in the United States, other immigrants brought him food

since 2003 Eugenio Derbez He was looking for a job in the United States, where no one took him despite his success in Mexico, but if he endured the time, it was largely due to other immigrants who fed him.

Actor who premiered today “server”his fifth work to have grown up in the country of stars and stripes, he fondly remembers the countrymen he met in Los Angeles and who came into contact with him.

“I finished recording the P.Luche family here, on Friday, and was going to Los Angeles in the afternoon to start my first steps there in a small theater and to ask for dates with some producers. It was practically invisible, I came into the big offices of the producers and directors and they just ignored me , the actor recalls.

In Mexico (it was) ‘Mr. Derbez, I came here, they gave me a promotion to first class, without me asking’ (laughs) and I arrived in Los Angeles and I was no one. It made me understand that you are not a person more valuable to being known in your country, (But that) you are simply elegant in one place and not in another. And for me it was a very strong feeling,” he recounts.

In those moments, the solidarity of other Mexicans in California society, who saw him as an equal, was felt.

He says that when he went out to buy food, some came to give it to him as a gift.

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I told them ‘What do you think?’ And they answered me: “Of course yes, you are like us, you break stones and come for a dream, so we have to support each other.” They gave me food and I will never forget that.”

In “El valet,” the creator of “El Super Portero” and “El Lonje Moco” plays a servant in Beverly Hills hired by a Hollywood star to pretend to be his partner, when in fact she is married. man.

For Derbes, the date is a tribute to the Mexicans who started working in the United States early, as in restaurants, so that the people of this country would have everything ready when they go about their daily lives.

Filmed in 2021, it was the last film of Carmen Salina.

“I think it’s his best work. It saddens me that she wasn’t able to see this product finished, I was eager to see the end, and I would like this to be a tribute to her, she won our hearts all”, confirms Eugenio.

Derbez as director

Since “No Refunds”, which premiered nine years ago and scored more than 15 million viewers, the actor has never stood behind the camera again, but he already has a project in this field.

“It’s about life’s coincidences, whether they exist or not, I want as a director to feel a different style than I do as an actor,” he says.