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¿Quién es Dío Astacio, el director ejecutivo del Consejo de Gestión Presidencial?

Who is the Executive Director of the Presidential Management Council, Dio Astacio?

Last Saturday, Pastor Dio Astacio was appointed by the President to be the Executive Director of the Presidential Management Council, which was formed by President Louis Abinader on September 29 last year.

By Order 684-21, issued on October 30, Dioris Anselmo accepts the third function before the executive branch of the Astacio Pacheco government in 14 months.

Prior to this presidential decree, Pastor Astacio served as co-ordinator of the evangelical churches’ executive authority and co-ordinator of the Family Cabinet since August 2020.

The family cabinet he leads aims to improve the stability of the community center by defining and integrating the family policies of the government. From his or her new position of service, he or she has the responsibility to pursue requests, proposals, or plans made by individuals or organizations “in the interest of local, regional, national, or foreign partnership.”

Founder of two Christian congregations, one of which is affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Coalition, a Dominican spokesman and lawyer, author of books and motivational conferences.


Astacio is a graduate in criminal law and graduated from the University of Eugenio Maria de Hostos. He holds a Masters Degree in Marketing Management, another in Business Administration from UQAM University and Apec University in Canada, and a Masters Degree in Leadership in Public Management and Political Campaign Strategies from Barna Business School and Georgetown University.


In the 1990s, Astacio began as a life insurance salesperson and later held executive, business leadership and executive vice president positions in insurance companies, commercial banking and telecommunications.

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Similarly, in 2000 and 2001 he was Professor of Postgraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Marketing at the University of Abec.

In 2001, he devoted himself to creating a record-breaking advertising campaign under the label “Mana Music Group”, in which he sought to inspire young people in the field of Christian music, including: The Christian Brothers, Juan’s first integrated music duo, Cerro. Carlos Rodriguez and Marcos Yarroyd, Jennifer Lபெpez et al.

According to the autobiography on the Family Cabinet website, Astacio has worked as a communicator and presenter on radio programs.

In 2004 he was part of the good news program on Radio Renovo, a Christian radio station, and since 2012 he has joined Grubo Air Stations, directed by merengue translator Josie Estepan. There he produced El show del amor, Dío a las 10, Bumper a Bumper and Puro Gozo on the Pura Vita radio station.

He co-produced the “El Show del Amore” event for two years (2012-2014) with Dominican comedian Felipe Bolanco “Boruga”. He has also been a collaborator on personal development and couples issues on the radio show The Sam Golf, hosted by host and comedian Joachim Santos.


In 2008 he published his first book, “Comprehensive Success, Ten Hidden Laws,” and co-authored a comprehensive National Leadership Day for Public School High School students and the “Value is in You” campaign. With the Dominican Navy.

In total, he has authored seven books in English and Spanish, as well as ten audios on families, personal development and leadership.