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Who is Olaf Schulz, Germany's new 'incredibly similar' chancellor to Angela Merkel?

Who is Olaf Schulz, Germany’s new ‘incredibly similar’ chancellor to Angela Merkel?

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image source, Reuters

He won the general election in Germany and is now the man who served as Angela Merkel’s deputy chancellor for three years.

The Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, appointed Olaf Scholz as its new chancellor on Wednesday.

Its formation, the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), will be governed, along with Los Verdes and the Free Democratic Party, in what has been called the “semaphore government”, by the colors of the parties it will form (red). for the Social Democrats, green for the Greens and yellow for the Liberal Democrats).

power delivery represents The end of 31 years of political life – 16 of them are Chancellor of Merkel– which was long received in the Bundestag.