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Who are the opposition candidates leading the vote in Venezuela?

Who are the opposition candidates leading the vote in Venezuela?

File photo of candidates Henrique Gabriels and María Corina Machado in Venezuela’s primary elections

A poll by Consultores 21, a polling firm in Venezuela, indicated that the political leader Henrique Capriles He will be the candidate most voted for by citizens in the country’s next primary elections, followed by former Deputy Maria Corina Machado and comedian Benjamin Razius.

Two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles is favored by registered voters as the opposition’s unity candidate in the October primaries to face the Nicolas Maduro regime in 2024 general elections, according to a poll conducted from February 24 to March 9. There is no specific date for that yet.

The report states 51.2% of those surveyed responded that they would participate in the primary election Also, of that group, 24.8% will vote for Henrique Capriles, 19.2% for Maria Corina Machado, 14.8% for Benjamin Rousseau, and 11.6% for the former presidential candidate. Manuel Rosales and 7.1% for responsible ex-president Juan Quito.

In addition, 90.8% of those surveyed confirmed that they would participate in the presidential election, and 55.1% of those voters would choose opposition; 25.4% will support the candidate of the Chavista PSUV party.

On the other hand, the poll warned that Venezuelans’ biggest concerns are inflation and the cost of living, followed by unemployment and corruption. He also mentioned 68.5% disapprove of the job Nicolás Maduro is doing as president And 63.3% believe that “things are going in the wrong direction in Venezuela.”

Venezuela’s opposition this month pledged to protect the identities of voters participating in primary elections in October.

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“Citizens can rest assured Under no circumstances, under any circumstances, under any assumption, will your identity be compromised. We are committed to protecting voter identity. We want to express confidence and security,” said Jesus María Casal, president of the Primary Commission, at the end of a meeting with officials of the National Electoral Council (CNE), accused of serving Chavismo, in which he evaluated the possible assistance. Process internal.

The CNE’s eventual participation in the primaries will include the activation of polling stations and the updating of the electoral register. The use of voting machines is yet to be defined.

The role of the CNE is a critical issue that divides the opposition down the middle There is widespread fear that the agency will torpedo the process or seize data that could be used to support the government.

The CNE’s reputation has been in doubt for years, especially after Smartmatic, the agency responsible for voting for the Constituent Assembly in 2017, issued a condemnation. Handling of results.

Venezuela’s opposition does not recognize the 2018 presidential election, in which Maduro was re-elected, or the 2020 legislative elections, which they consider fraudulent.

Venezuela’s opposition has urged the National Electoral Council to “enforce its autonomy”.

Several opposition leaders have confirmed their candidacies for the primary elections in October: Juan Quito, who for four years has been recognized by the United States and fifty countries as president in charge of Venezuela; A two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles and the leader María Corina Machado belongs to the radical wing of the opposition.

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Guaidó and Capriles face an impeachment measure that would bar them from public office, but both leaders are betting on negotiations that began last year with the government in Mexico to reach their impasse. Negotiations have been stalled since November pending the release of resources that have been frozen by international sanctions against Maduro to address the humanitarian crisis.

(With information from AFP)

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