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US Embassy Announces New Visa Application Requirements: When Will They Come Into Effect?

The main changes are attached to the DS-160 form.

Officers of America Announced changes in processing Non-immigrant visas. That is why those preparing visa applications should heed the announcements of US embassies.

The changes are supply related Form DS-160One of the first procedures to be provided when applying for a visa of the category P1/P2. This document contains important information such as applicant’s name and surname, work and family information.

What are the changes and when will they take effect?

The main change in the process is connected with its presentation. from May 1st Half-completed forms from 2023 onwards will not be accepted, but all information provided on the document will be requested.

From May 2023 onwards, incomplete forms will not be accepted. Photo: Shutterstock.

Form DS-160 requests personal information from the visa applicant and it is important that all information is true and correct. All processing of the form This is done electronicallyBut the confirmation sheet must be presented at the time of appointment with the US Embassy and Visa Service Center marked with the barcode number.

Based on the information provided, viz Investigation And vice versa Consular Officers, more questions will be asked during the interview. There is a Official website From the US government’s compilation of frequently asked questions about the DS-160 form and a guide on how to file it.

The cost of the procedure is 160 dollars.
The cost of the procedure is 160 dollars.

Changes in visa payments

Another of the changes announced by the US government is related to visa payments. All paid visa applications Before September 30, 2022 Can only be used up to October 1 The year is 2023.

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