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White House spokesman Jen Saki Kovit-19 tested positive Univision Political News

Vin’s Press Secretary White House, Jen Saki, He announced Sunday that he had tested positive Govit-19.

Zaki did not travel on the second international tour of President Joe Biden, who left for Rome this weekend to attend the 20th summit. Will be traveling to Glasgow, Scotland this Monday, Where he attends the UN Climate Conference.

Had planned to go with the speaker President, But found out and canceled her trip as she prepared to leave for Europe His family members tested positive for Govt-19.

“Since then, I have been in isolation and tested negative (via PCR) for Kovit-19 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays,” Saki said. That is a statement. “However, today I had a Govt test”He commented.

The Secretary of the White House Press The man, who was last in contact with Biden on Tuesday, said the two were wearing masks with a gap of more than six feet. Saki added that he had only mild symptoms.

White House staff conduct Govt-19 tests daily

In a statement issued this Sunday, Psaki explained that although he had not been in contact with the president for four days, he had announced the decision. “Transparency” training.

“Yes, that’s right I have no personal close relationship with the President Or senior members of the White House staff since Wednesday, four days after that last contact I received a negative result and I will publish the test result as an expression of transparency, ”he commented.

Many of them have received Stimulant injection, Due to the environment associated with your work and frequent travel.

Biden received his booster on September 27, shortly after federal regulators allowed a third dose for many Americans.

During the visit, the Deputy Chief of Staff accompanied the President to the press. Kareen Jean-Pierre.

Saki said he will return to work in person when finished A 10 day jail term After receiving a negative result.