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Kamala Harris se aplica tercera dosis de la vacuna contra Covid-19

Kamala Harris uses the third dose of the vaccine against Govt-19

Los Angeles – Vice President United States, Kamala Harris, Third dose Covit-19 vaccine, A week after U.S. health officials authorized the vulnerable groups to administer the lab’s booster injections, by Moderna.

Although Harris is not over 65 and has no pre-existing conditions, U.S. regulators allow a third dose for those at work who are at high risk of contracting the virus.

In this sense, the White House justified that Harris travels frequently and interacts with a diverse population, which authorized him to seek reinforcement.

After being vaccinated for the third time against Covit-19, Harris encouraged Booster “everyone who can” to do so.

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Vaccines are free, safe, and will save your life, as we said from the beginning, Harris said after being vaccinated.

Following in the footsteps of Harris Biden, he received his third vaccine from Pfizer on September 27th.

According to Moderna, like Pfizer, the booster dose is approved for people over 65, people with or without immunosuppression, or those who live or work, six months after receiving the second dose. Danger.

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This group includes people over the age of 65, adults with diseases such as diabetes or obesity, and employees at high risk of infection – such as health workers, teachers or grocery store staff.

So far, the third dose has shown 95.6% protection against Govt-19 infections and Pfizer has confirmed that it behaves in a “safe and tolerable” manner.

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According to official data, two-thirds of Americans, nearly 221 million people, have received at least one injection against Covit-19 and nearly 17 million have boosters.

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