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Where, how and when can it be purchased?

Where, how and when can it be purchased?


Certain. he CD Marathon Announce the date, time and points of sale of the ticket office for the grand final match against Olympia in it Yankel Rosenthal.

In recent days, fans of the finalists have been wondering when and where tickets will go on sale to watch the final.

Given this, Rollin PeñaThe Vice President of the Green Team confirmed when and where tickets will be sold for this important match San Pedro Sula.

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—When and where to buy them? —

The director of Al-Rajla explained that tickets will now be available on Friday, May 24, starting at 3 p.m.

Peña confirmed that tickets will be available at DIUNSA stores, Almacenes el Titán and Balleadas Express restaurants in San Pedro Sula.

Rollin He added that they have spoken with sponsors about limiting ticket sales. That is, the fan will be able to purchase five tickets in larger quantities.

“We talked to sponsors about limiting tickets to five per person and not just one person monopolizing the tickets,” he commented. Rollin Pena.

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