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Felipe Ramos Rizzo believes Luis Malagón should have been sent off

Felipe Ramos Rizzo believes Luis Malagón should have been sent off

The ESPN analyst believes the America goalkeeper should have been sent off after his foul on Antuna in the first leg

mexico — Felipe Ramos RizzoReferee Analyst espnHe was considered a goalkeeper America, Luis MalagonHe was sent off during the first minutes of the first leg of the tournament final Closing 2024 in view of Blue cross.

The former Mexican whistler expressed his opinion at his expense sformerly known as Twitter, Which Luis Malagon He should have gotten a red cardboard and left the feathered group with 10 items. All of this was due to a late pass from Jonathan dos Santos, who “forced” the goalkeeper to commit a foul inside the area, for which a maximum penalty kick was awarded, leading to Uriel Antuna To give an instant advantage to Blue cross.

In the first moment, Rizzo Ramos He commented that the deficiency was on his own Uriel Antuna It was a penalty kick, yellow minimum for MalagonHe later explained: “It seems to me that it was a wrong move. Arrives with buttons above the ankle. Antona. There is no possibility to play ball. “The ball came straight to the foot, above the ankle, and it was a very clear clearance.”

Felipe Ramos Rizzo He pointed out the actions of the goalkeeper Luis Malagon In a final Mexican League It could be worth more than a simple yellow card, as the player America He looked directly for his heavenly rival’s ankle.

“In this case no, it applies when there is a clear chance to score. In this case, the action is considered a direct qualifier. There is no clear chance. He added: “The reason is the seriousness of the foul and the use of excessive force and is looking for the player and not the ball.” Felipe Ramos Rizzo About that controversial play that happened in the first leg of the tournament final Closing 2024between Blue cross And America.

After a goal Uriel Antuna Who opened the scoring at Ciudad de los Deportes, appeared Julian Quiñones To draw the cards in the same first part