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Wheeler Ditta doesn't think Juan Escobar is needed

Wheeler Ditta doesn't think Juan Escobar is needed


The Colombian defender was strong about the Paraguayan player's absence.

© Rafael VadilloThe Colombian defender was strong about the Paraguayan player's absence.

Juan Escobar It was not part of the invitation to Blue cross In the first match of Closing 2024. The Paraguay defender has been 'written off' from the organization after words were exchanged with him Martin Anselmi Which cost him dearly. It is expected that its new destination and the amount of money the club will make from its sale will be revealed in the coming days.

His absence affected the match against Pachuca. From the stands, they chanted his name after his replacement, Gonzalo Pioffi. He made the mistake that led to the loss of three points. However, from the locker room they have a different vision. Wheeler Dita He appeared before the media and downplayed Escobar's absence.

Nothing affects (about Juan Escobar's lack), the overall balance is, if we compare what we were doing, the team has improved a lot.. There are colleagues joining, so nothing, we know that we have done well, and that there is still a lot to improve, but next week we will work well to achieve the result.The Colombian explained after the defeat.

His words can be understood as a clear message to the bench: Part of the fashion with Martín Anselmi. As one of the leaders in the dressing room, many voices predicted difficult times at Cruz Azul due to the departure of Juan Escobar. However, and After Dita's words, it seems that the players have aligned themselves with their new coach.

There was more time, the reinforcements arrived on time, but there are always things to be corrected, it is the first appointment, coming here to the new stadium as well. We are here to correct, and I repeat, the group is very united but calm.Dita himself acknowledged the reinforcements and aspects that need to be improved for Cruz Azul for the rest of the tournament.

Lorenzo Faravelli asked Cruz Azul fans to be patient

He was one of the footballers who made his debut yesterday in an official match Lorenzo Faravelli. The midfielder was one of Anselmi's requests and he arrived to take charge of the midfield. Although his performance against Pachuca was reserved, The former Independiente del Valle club showed his leadership by standing in front of the media after the defeat.

“The fact that we were very excited and wanted to start the tournament with another result in front of our people, it seems to me that we are at the beginning of the process. It seems to me that sometimes we found the match that the coach wanted, it was an open match, and in the end it was efficiency that distinguished the match, and this is just the beginning.“, said the Argentine.