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WhatsApp will have a new way to send photos and videos

WhatsApp will have a new way to send photos and videos

The WhatsApp It is one of the platforms instant message It is used every day by millions of people around the world. Be it sending messages, photos, videos, voice notes, or even making video calls.

One of its many advantages is that it Update Constantly, in this way new functions and tools are added so that users can enjoy them. This time we will talk about the new The way you can send photos and videos.

WhatsApp will have a new way to send photos and videos. Photo: Freepik

A new way to send photos and videos

The first thing you should know is that WhatsApp has tested a functionality in which the way audiovisual content is sent within the app has been modified. What the company has been thinking about is modifying the way we send photos or videos from WhatsApp.

The goal was for users to have the freedom to choose between multiple recipients of the same image and could already be enjoyed in version, which was only possible when using the camera tab.

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Now when you send a photo, video, or GIF, you can choose other people as recipients even if you didn’t take the photo from the camera tab, making it easier to send files to more people.

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Another novelty is WhatsApp statuses, where you can now only show this post to the people you want, to achieve this you have to go to “Countries”, select the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, enter “privacy” that states “and choose the people who you want them.

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