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WhatsApp Tricks 2022 |  Whatsapp Plus 2022: discover 9 new features that will be available |  WhatsApp for web and PC |  trends

WhatsApp Tricks 2022 | Whatsapp Plus 2022: discover 9 new features that will be available | WhatsApp for web and PC | trends

attention. .’s app It will have new functions and tricks in 2022 and it is already keeping millions of users updated as information was leaked by WaBetaInfo and caused an uproar in the internet world.

In the coming weeks, these new WhatsApp features and tricks will be available worldwide and here on out We’ll tell you how you can enjoy it from start to finish.

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Emoticons to reply on WhatsApp

Although there is this option in Messenger and Instagram, WhatsApp will now perform the reaction to every message sent to you through Android, App Store, and even PC.

Like other apps, you have to tap on the message you want to reply to for the icons to appear.

Communities on WhatsApp

In this new WhatsApp update, communities can be created within groups, that is, members can create different channels with different topics, similar to the Discord channel.

Decide who can see your WhatsApp statuses

While WhatsApp allowed you to “block” some statuses from your contacts, now, the privacy function will let you choose which contacts can’t see your stories.

Group admins can delete messages from others

appointed there. Today, each user can delete their own messages, but now group admins will be able to delete messages from other members so they can have more control over each other.

In addition, you will appear in the chat, “This was deleted by the administrator” and everyone will know that the administrator deleted the message.

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Share the same photo or video in a chat at once

Sharing photos and videos in different chats will no longer be a waste of time, as WhatsApp developers will share photos or multimedia files in some conversations and their status at the same time.

New interface for voice calls

The last thing to come to WhatsApp is its new interface for voice calls. Which is that when the information was leaked, people discovered that the developers were adding voice notes to the participants of the conference call.

Shortcut to search for contact information

WhatsApp will add a search space next to the video call information section, this will make the search summary in the part that says “Contact information”. Likewise, it will also find any messages you sent or received using this function.

WhatsApp Web receives two-step verification

In the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Mobile versions, the verification option will be available in the . format two steps; This will act as an option to protect your account.

It is important to specify that the PIN verifies two different steps using the six-digit code that we obtain by SMS or by calling.

New animated emoji

Like Facebook and Messenger, WhatsApp will implement animated emoji to send to all your contacts on Android and iPhone.

While the only emoji with this effect is currently the red heart, WABetaInfo states that the platform will be looking to add more.

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