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WhatsApp “Red Mode”: Steps to install it and its advantages over the original mode

WhatsApp “Red Mode”: Steps to install it and its advantages over the original mode

The instant messaging app, which is usually green in color, can be modified using a little trick. Learn how to implement this technological “secret”.

Red WhatsApp Plus logo. Photo: WABetaInfo.

Since its launch in November 2009, WhatsAppan instant messaging application created by Brian Acton And jan com keep a Distinctive green colour. However, by a little trick, it can be completely changed to “”Red mode“.

to implement this”Secret“Technology, it will be necessary to implement WhatsApp backup, Delete the application completely Instant messaging and then Download WhatsApp Plus Red.

WhatsApp.  Photo: ReutersGreen has always been the signature color of WhatsApp. Photo: Reuters.

The next thing the user should do is Accept calendar permissions, Enter a phone numberWait a verification code And put user name. Once this is done, the original WhatsApp Plus will appear completely red.

To return to the traditional green color, simply go to the tab that says “In addition to the settings‘. One of its features is that WhatsApp Plus Red isAgainst the ban‘. On the other hand, it is recommended to search for New APK files Which leaves the original WhatsApp Plus red.

WhatsApp allows the functionality of sharing the current location through chat.  Image: Unsplash.

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“Golden Road”

in October In the past it was discovered that Goal The most famous in the world also has “Gold status“, which is intuitive and easy to use, although it is necessary to download a third-party app.

like him “Red mode“, installing this colorful tool will access certain details of the user’s personal information, so It will depend on each person if they want to use it or not. On your device.

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Gold Mode can also be installed on WhatsApp. Photo: Wapita Info.

If you are a fan of the color purple, there is something new for you.

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Steps to install “Gold Mode”

1- Download WhatsApp Plus APK.

2- Make a backup copy of regular WhatsApp conversations.

3- After making the copies, uninstall the application completely.

4- Install the WhatsApp Plus application.

5- Give it the appropriate permissions and install it.

6- Enter “Settings‘From WhatsApp Plus in the section’session‘.

7- Enter the tabThreads‘.

8- There you can download the color you want to appear WhatsApp.

9- Download the desired theme (in this case Gold theme) and click ‘Progressing‘.

After following these 9 steps, your WhatsApp will have changed Not just the color of the logoBut also The entire platform.