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WhatsApp is now green: this is the new update for iPhone

WhatsApp is now green: this is the new update for iPhone

The application is constantly updated to improve the user experience. (WhatsApp)

WhatsAppthe instant messaging app used by over 2 billion people Around the world, an update has been implemented that brings major changes to the interface in which it is located Green is dominant.

This new version was implemented without prior notice for a month by the proprietary application Goal In different regions of the world.

The main novelty is that the platform leaves blue color One of the messages he implemented last August was to make green the main color in the region Channels And state.

The comparison in the Channels section shows that green is the dominant color in the application interface. (WhatsApp)

As well as in the Notifications and Widgets pane at the bottom of the screen, where it is located Red notifications It also turns green.

Notifications are no longer red and the blue color of the selected option disappears as well. (WhatsApp)

Another change is found in the menu that is displayed when sending a file from the application. What happens to be Option icons In a circle above the text bearing his name. It's also a little larger and no longer looks like a slate.

The icons for the available options also change when you send a file. (WhatsApp)

This version has been implemented on devices internal control Departmentwhile there are no reports of this happening with Android.

The update has not been reported to be available for Android. (google apps)

WhatsApp is working on new features that could be available in 2024, including custom usernames, editable temporary messages, Conversations with artificial intelligenceoption Share statuses on Instagram And improve the filters for Chat organization.

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These innovations are in different stages of development and have been revealed through beta versions of the application.

During the process of testing these functions, WhatsApp is collecting feedback from the user and developer community to refine the details before the official launch. These are some of those tools.

Many of the functions that will arrive in 2024 are already under development and in beta. (AP Photo/Patrick Sisson, File)

– Temporary messages

The app has been polishing this feature for a long time. Currently, it is possible to configure messages to disappear every 24 hours, seven, or 90 days. But this function will be modified so that the user has greater control over his privacy, even having the option to adjust the display of content for a few seconds.

– Conversations with artificial intelligence

The app added in 2023 a tool that It allows you to create posters using artificial intelligenceThe next step will be to integrate this technology more frequently into chats. One possibility is chatbots through which users can chat and create content.

Although there are bots that have already been added, they are not affiliated with WhatsApp, but are affiliated with third parties. The function that will arrive will be directly to activate chats with artificial intelligence, as in the case Target AI.

One of the new features is integration with Instagram for sharing statuses. (Reuters/Dado Rovik)

– Share statuses on Instagram

Currently, WhatsApp allows that when a status is uploaded we can send it to stories Facebook Without having to change applications. The expectation is that in 2024 this link will also work Instagram.

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To enable the option of both social networks, the app will add a panel, below the status, with shortcut buttons for the two Meta apps, as well as an option to share the status on other platforms.

– Double image display

After adding the option to limit the image display to only one time. The application is working on the possibility of expanding this feature so that users can watch it twice at most. This is useful for those people who are still not sure how this tool works and open the image without knowing that they will not be able to see it again.

– Organize chat

Currently, the application displays the list of chats in only one way. Depending on the order you arrive in, they are located at the top of the board. This could change due WhatsApp It works on a filter that allows you to search for unread chats in a better way. When activated, the panel will stop displaying chats in the order they arrived and will start sorting them by people who have no messages to read.

In addition, the Chats tab can contain four sections. One for all messages, one for unread messages, one for personal conversations, and one for work conversations.