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Variant B.1.617 identified in India has already spread to 44 countries

What we know about the lambda type of coronavirus, first identified in Peru

(CNN Español) – While in the world the authorities are watching with Concern about coronavirus delta variable progressThe lambda variant has now been classified as an investigational variant (VUI) by Public Health England due to international expansion and several observed mutations.

The lambda variable was classified as a variable of interest by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 14 June. It was first identified in August 2020, and is believed to have its origin in Peru.

Lambdas have been detected in 29 countries, many of which are mainly found in Latin America, according to the World Health Organization.

PHE added that there is currently no evidence that the Lambda variant causes more serious disease or makes existing coronavirus vaccines in the UK less effective. So far, PHE said, six lambda cases have been identified across the UK, all related to overseas travel.

With information from Eleanor Buxton and James Briggs of CNN in London

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