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What is Shakira’s net worth, what is her nickname, and how much has she earned from songs about Pique

What is Shakira’s net worth, what is her nickname, and how much has she earned from songs about Pique

nOr there are doubts about that Shakira She is one of the most successful and famous Latin American artists in history. In which he was born Barranquilla For 46 years, he has received countless awards, nominations and successes in a career spanning more than 20 years, earning him good financial compensation and amassing a huge fortune estimated by the magazine. Forbes.

The Colombian artist has released more than 10 studio albums, the most famous of which is “Where are the thieves?from 1998, ‘Barefoot’, from 1995, or “El Dorado” from 2017. But in recent months, Shakira’s fame has come particularly from her latest singles, where she left more than one “message” to her ex-partner, former footballer Gerard Pique, after their separation.

Shakira’s net worth according to Forbes

According to the magazine ForbesThe wealth that Shakira has amassed over the years goes beyond 400 million dollars, Among them are many luxury homes in different parts of the world. For example, the two houses he shared with Gerard Pique in Barcelona. In addition, a house in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, that cost him $1.1 million, or his stunning mansion in Florida (Miami)For which he paid 11.6 million euros.

Shakira won this award for songs about Pique

However, Triple singles (“Te Felicito”, “Monotonía” and “Session 53”), in which she left many letters and messages for Gerard Pique, and also gave a lot of money to the artist who was criticized at the time for exploiting her emotional situation. At that time then to make money.

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According to Forbes, the song with Bizarrap gave him a little more 323,000 euros On YouTube and 2,395,000 million DhThe euro is on Spotify, and rising, as the money per game increases. Your topic ‘Congratulations‘, together with Rauw Alejandro published in April 2022, raised more than 12.5 million euros.’routine‘With Ozuna, he earned more than 4.5 million euros.

Therefore, the grief and hatred that the Colombian artist gained through these three songs has raised more than one… 20 million dollarsAccording to the famous magazine.