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What is “Red Mode” and how to activate it on your cell phone?

What is “Red Mode” and how to activate it on your cell phone?

Do you want to change the look of your WhatsApp and give it a personal touch? Well, there is a very simple way to do that using the WhatsApp Plus Red mobile app, which is a modified version of the Meta app that allows you to have an all-red design. You just have to follow these steps. tea We promise.

The first thing is to make a backup of your WhatsApp chats so that you don’t lose anything. Then delete the WhatsApp application from your cell phone and download WhatsApp Plus Red. Install the app and give it permission to access your contacts. Then enter your phone number, wait for the confirmation code to arrive and enter your username.

Once everything is confirmed, that’s it! You already have WhatsApp Plus Red running on your mobile phone. If you want to change the red color to another color, you can go to the Plus settings and choose the color you like the most. Didn’t you know? So you can enjoy this alternative version of WhatsApp which has the feature of being anti-ban, but always update it every time a new version is available.

WhatsApp news for October 2023

We recently commented on our page about saying goodbye, in quotes, to this messaging app to the states, because it is no longer as visible as it used to be and that was the case.

WhatsApp was revamped a few weeks ago and launched Channels, a new way to stay up to date with everything that matters to you. Here you can follow media, brands or influencers and see their posts in a separate section in your chats. Thus, the channels reached 150 countries, replacing the old countries that still exist, but with less importance.

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These channels are inspired by the broadcast channels that already exist on Instagram and Telegram, and represent a significant change to the WhatsApp interface as we know it. How were you with them?