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What is a subpoena and what happens if you don't comply

What is a subpoena and what happens if you don’t comply

(CNN) — Citations, (called subpoenas in English), in the middle Some high-profile investigations in Washington and more, including the House Select Committee Investigates the January 6 riots and efforts by the New York Attorney General’s Office to compel members of the Trump family to testify.

But what is a subpoena? What can people do if they get one?

Here’s what you need to know:

What is a subpoena?

A subpoena is an order compelling someone to testify or testify under oath about something in a legal setting, usually a court, but sometimes in other settings, such as a congressional hearing. You can compel someone to produce documents, data or other records in your possession.

For example, the January 6 commission has filed hundreds of subpoenas seeking documents and testimony from former Trump officials and associates while investigating the attack on Capitol Hill.

What happens if someone ignores a quote?

Failure to provide a citation can subject one to criminal or civil contempt.

  • Civil contempt occurs when someone obstructs the judicial process by not complying with the terms of a citation.
  • Criminal contempt is commonly used as a punishment for unruly behavior in court, but can also occur when someone refuses to provide documents or information requested.

Contempt charges can be filed until the requested information is submitted and the subject of the citation fulfills their legal obligation to the court.

What is cancellation of summons?

A petition to quash the citation may be filed if someone believes that the citation was not lawfully issued. A motion usually means a citation, which may be refused until the court decides on the motion.

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For example, in January, Trump family members asked the New York attorney general’s office to testify as part of a civil investigation into whether former President Donald Trump’s two sons had damaged the values ​​of their properties by the Trump Organization. .

However, a New York judge He ruled Trump and his children, Ivanka and Donald Jr., on February 17. They must testify at trial.

Cara Scannell and Sonya Moghe contributed reporting.