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Were Bobby Pulido and Javier Alatorre lovers?  Singer threatens to sue whoever spreads the rumor

Were Bobby Pulido and Javier Alatorre lovers? Singer threatens to sue whoever spreads the rumor

In recent days, a rumor has spread about an alleged love story between… Bobby Pulido And Javier Alatorre It has become a trend social networksTo the point that it reached the ears of the singer who broke the silence and threatened to do so Get sued Who posted this wrong information.

In recent days, videos, memes, headlines and messages on social networks in reference to this topic have abounded on the Internet, with many Internet users becoming interested in this version that claimed that the Azteca TV journalist and the translator of songs such as “Desvilado” were lovers. For many years, without providing further details, citing reliable sources, or even providing evidence.

For this reason, Bobby Pulido, in addition to denying the rumour, expressed his annoyance, stating that he does not like men and does not know the presenter of the news program “Hitchus”, which is why he decided to take legal action.

“I didn't find out, and I don't know who Javier Alatorre is, I live in the United States. My PR department told me about this, plus I like women, not men. I actually found out that there is a supposed Fernando GM, who… He leaked everything because he was so bored.

Bobby Pulido offers a reward to find whoever spread the rumor

Bobby Pulido's annoyance reached the point where he offered a financial reward to people to help him find the person responsible for spreading the rumor of his affair with Javier Alatorre.

“I want to tell you that there will be a trend now because I am offering a reward to find him (responsible) because I will sue him. It is not worth it, I have a wife and four children and the truth is less so when they get bored and want to cause harm. I don't mess with anyone.

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“This does not affect me, because I know the truth, but I have children, and these children have friends and believe. People believe and it is not worth it. I will leave no matter what it takes, and I swear I will regret it,” he added.

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