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Wealth!  This is what Albert Pujols' 700th running ball deserves

Wealth! This is what Albert Pujols’ 700th running ball deserves

Sports memorabilia have been of great importance in US culture since time immemorial. They have always been a part of fans’ daily lives and there are few collectors who have paid real millions for the most iconic and iconic pieces. However, there is one sport that reigns above the rest due to its long history and various fads: baseball.

These utensils or utensils used by Major League baseball players are always very valuable to the King of Sports fans. Even passion doesn’t stop there, but it goes beyond and goes further, and also takes on related things like cards and autographs.

From Babe Ruth to David Ortiz to several hundred former players, they have all left incredible traces for posterity that will surely be preserved for many decades to come. However, there is something that attracts attention in a unique way: the balls.

Loyalty to the ball

Every year in the Big Top, about 300,000 balls are used annually, which is an incredible number, but at the same time, it is not clear, because they are all the same … or not?

Well, on the outside, the truth is that they are copies. However, the reality is different. These have more than just white painted leather and red thread, they have a lot of tales behind them and also unforgettable moments every ball and hit game fan will die. Hence, the surreal numbers for many of them are pushed.

For example, the auction record for the ball is $3 million, paid by comedian Todd MacFarlane to the hero of Mark McGuire’s novel 70 in 1998’s Harvest. Another reference is the full 700 earned by Barry Bonds, whose ball sold for just over $800,000.

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However, these things don’t always happen. Sometimes the balls are returned to the player himself by the fans who caught them in exchange for another gift and a pleasant moment next to the author of the race. But for all of those, what is the cost of the ball in the 700th home race of Dominican Albert Pujols?

It started great

The first thing collectors should know is that, fortunately for them, The Machine’s 7 hundred home jogging ball is on sale. It is currently being auctioned and the highest bid is already $130,000, but the number is expected to continue to rise.

Fanatic Malowe Leal asked Golden Auctions to put his item in their catalog this month and things seem to be looking pretty good. Offers are open until November 5th, dare you fight for that gem?