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Mauricio Dupont made his World Championship debut with the Houston Astros winning against Philadelphia in Game Two!

Mauricio Dupont made his World Championship debut with the Houston Astros winning against Philadelphia in Game Two!


With a timely attack, the Houston Astros He defeated this Saturday 5-2 to Philadelphia Phyllis And the 2022 World Championship match with one victory each, in what was a moment in the history of Honduran sports for its first appearance Mauricio Dupont.

Mauricio Dupont reveals the details of his life with the Houston Astros

The series, to the top seven, is now moving on to Philadelphia For Games 3, 4 and 5 starting Monday.

The stars They have played their fourth world championship in six seasons and are seeking their first title since 2017, while Phyllis He entered the playoffs after 11 years of absence in pursuit of his first title since 2008, when he beat the Tampa Bay Rays.

Dominican leftist Framber Valdez (1-0), 28, winning record after a good outing with nine strokes and four strokes allowed in 6 1/3 closing innings.

He had an excellent attack that included consecutive doubles in the first half for the Venezuelan Jose AltoveDominican Jeremy Pena And the Cuban Jordan Alvarezas well as running the house Alex Bergman In the fifth chapter.

Catracho Pride

At the start of the ninth inning, with a 5-1 score at Minute Maid Park, the moment many Hondurans had been waiting for came. for the first time Mauricio Dupont in the world championship.

In pictures: This was Mauricio Dupont’s first appearance at the 2022 World Championships

When it looked like the match was going to lose again, the San Pedro Sula native, with a number 14 on his back, entered the field of action to bolster the defense in midfield.

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in this way, Mauricio Dupont He made history in MLB by becoming the first Honduran to play in the World Championship and he did so with a win stars in game 2.

“Duboom”, a nickname he earned in the major leagues, signed with Dusty Baker In May this year, from San Francisco GiantsAnd now I put the name Honduras on top.

We must remember that Mauricio He is the second Catracho baseball player to succeed in playing in MLB. the first was Gerald Youngwho also played curiously with stars, when they were in the National League. king Dupont He realized that he had to make many sacrifices to play in the major leagues and now it was all worth it because he was finally able to fulfill his dream.

Mauricio Dupont made his World Championship debut, entering the ninth game of the Astros Velez.

Ticket description:

. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 CH

Phillies 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 2 6 1

stars 3 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 × 5 7