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Viral: Her ex-boyfriend complains to US embassy to take away his visa, this is what happened (VIDEO)

Viral: Her ex-boyfriend complains to US embassy to take away his visa, this is what happened (VIDEO)


Getting a visa to visit the US is not always easy. Beyond complying with the procedure of filling out the form and passing the interview, it is necessary to prove that you have the resources to move to the North American country and that you have strong ties to the country of your birth so that the authorities trust you. The person will not be in the country illegally. But even if you have this document, there are reasons why it might be revoked, and this might include a false declaration.

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Through her TikTok profile, user Maria Del Mar, through her @marmejiaq account, shared a nine-second video in which she can be seen walking on a stone path surrounded by nature. Beyond the landscape, it's not a happy clip.

As the images unfold you can read on the screen: “I'm Mar and I survived an ex who falsely reported me to the US Embassy so they can take my visa away from me and my entire family,” followed by a sad face emoji.


If taken away from me???

? Found (from the Netflix movie 'Society of the Snow') – Michael Giacchino

The creator of the content did not provide further details, only stating below the video that it had been removed. Sure enough, the clip garnered attention and has over 300 comments, with most people asking him to provide details on his story and expand on how the document was finally taken from him. Unfortunately, despite TikToker promising to upload another video in which he will provide all the context, he has yet to share it.

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Grounds for Cancellation of United States Visa

Maria del Mar did not share details on her TikTok account about her ex-partner approaching the US Embassy to cancel her and her family's visas. However, it is important to note that violations of immigration laws can be reported so that documents can be withdrawn from certain individuals.

Violations of immigration laws include criminal offenses, violation of visa conditions and threats to public safety. These crimes are investigated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is responsible for detecting and disrupting criminal activities that threaten the security of the U.S. economy, border, transportation, and infrastructure.

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