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Chappo's wife Emma Coronel received a letter from her daughter;  What does this mean?

Chappo's wife Emma Coronel received a letter from her daughter; What does this mean?

Joaquin Guzmán's wife Emma Coronel Iceburo leaves after the “El Chapo” trial in Brooklyn federal court in New York February 12, 2019. (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo)

Emma Coronel Iceburrow was released in September 2023, and the woman later received a reduced sentence due to her good behavior. After these actions, Joku's wife El Chapo Guzmán has shared some photos and stuff on his social networks on various occasions.

For example, last January the former beauty queen shared a brief Video In which the song plays for a few seconds The girl in love From The Commander. Although the melody does not overtly refer to Emma or her partner, there are some similarities to the lyrics performed by Alfredo Ríos.

Recently, Coronel posted a story through his Instagram account in which he shared Letter Made by one of his daughters. “Your opinion of me is the only thing that matters to me,” wrote the woman who grew up in Sinaloa, Mexico, from California, USA.

Emma Coronel with her twin daughters (Exclusive)

Maria Joaquina, one of Coronel's daughters, was responsible for writing the letter to her mother. It is worth remembering that Emma has two twin daughters, Emilia Joaquina's sister. They do not have their father's last nameFormer leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

It's a thank-you letter and features a picture of a family carrying a pair of heart-shaped balloons. In one part of the letter, Maria Joaquina wrote that she was “a Carefree life […] and good education.”

“Dear Mom, I want to thank you for everything, for giving me a roof over my head, for feeding me, for taking care of me, and most of all, for loving me and always being with me through thick and thin.” Appears in the first part of the letter. It was shared on the account dated February 6, 2024 emmacoronel9oficial.

Emma Coronel, wife of “Shabbo” Guzmán, leaves federal court in Brooklyn after her husband's sentencing (REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)Reuters

Elsewhere, Joaquina thanks her mother for always listening to her and for having a sister who allows her to be alone, noting that the education she will receive will help her have a better future.

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It should be noted that when Emma Coronel gave her first interview to the magazine Elle After being released, she said she thought she was pregnant The future of their daughters. In the aforementioned interview, the woman said she got pregnant with Guzmán Lora when she was 21 and married three years later.

The former beauty queen decided to give birth to her daughters in the United States, with the intention that they would receive benefits through which these actions were carried out without the knowledge of her father, although the decision not to have the last name Guzmán was discussed. With the father of the twins.

A letter to the Colonel from one of his daughters (Photo: emmacoronel9oficial)

“Following strict instructions from Emma's husband on her birth certificate Left space for father's name blankGive them their own name instead,” the magazine explained Elle Last October. Being a wife eat She was pregnant and concerned about the safety of her daughters, it was revealed in the aforementioned media.

In mid-January, photos of Coronel's daughters appearing in celebrations such as Halloween and Christmas were shared. “My photo dump of 2023. Loving time with my family…with exciting plans for 2024,” Coronel Iceburo wrote on his Facebook account.

In other pictures you can see the family at Disneyland, wearing costumes from said amusement park.