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Video: This is what the "Viaducto Francisco Morazán" route in Los Chorros . will look like

Video: This is what the “Viaducto Francisco Morazán” route in Los Chorros . will look like

At the end of May, the head of the Ministry of Public Works, Romeo Rodriguez, said the “mega project” would run for two and a half years.

As usual for Twitter to report on country projects, the President of the Republic, Neb Bukele, tweeted a video showing the final work of the “Francisco Morazán Bridge in Los Choros, an extension covering Las Delicias to Poliedro, 8 lanes and from Poliedro to San Juan Opico, 6 lanes and many more.” of bridges and intersections,” says the text accompanying the photos.

At the end of May, the head of the Ministry of Public Works, Romeo Rodriguez, said the “massive work” would continue for two and a half years.

“Every day along the 15 kilometers of the road, people have to wait two hours to enter San Salvador, when in reality it only takes about 20 minutes on average,” the official said at the time.

The work money will come from a new $245 million debt from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), approved Tuesday afternoon with 74 votes in favour.

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In accordance with the legislative decree, these works are aimed at ensuring the effective and safe connection of roads in the country’s road network, which in turn allows to improve conditions for the movement of goods and people at the national and regional levels, as part of the economic development strategy to stimulate private investment, among other aspects.

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The conditions and level of road safety on the Pan American Expressway, from the Los Chorros to San Juan Opico bypass, between La Libertad Department and the road to Santa Ana, Sitio del Niño, will be improved to give greater fluidity and security for the transit of private vehicles, mass transit and goods in Region.

It is planned to expand the Pan-American Highway to 8 lanes from the neighborhood of Las Delicias in Santa Tecla, to Poliedro; And 6 lanes from that point to the San Juan Ubico turn, La Libertad.

Other business

With an investment of $469,806.78, the Department of Public Works (MOP) is building a bike lane from the United Nations Loop to the intersection of Jerusalem Street with Las Jacarandas Avenue, in western San Salvador.

The work will be 1.62 kilometers long and will provide an alternative connection between the municipalities of San Salvador and Antigo Cuscatlan.

“The Jerusalem Boulevard bike path is the beginning of something much more important. We will create more infrastructure for sustainable mobility than has been built in the past 30 years,” Commented a few days ago Minister of Public Works, Romeo Herrera.

The work includes setting up a rest station with the necessary signage to ensure the comfort and safety of users.