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Video: The Song That Will “Always Make Immigrants Cry” In America And Many Agree

Video: The Song That Will “Always Make Immigrants Cry” In America And Many Agree

It has become a song of nostalgia. Photo: TikTok: @1_inmortalsolitario

The song “La Casita” sung by Banda MS has become an anthem for immigrants in the United States, who regularly use it on social networks to express moments of longing and longing for their friends, family and romantic partners.

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Social networks are a great tool for bringing together millions of people who are changing their lives to pursue the American dream with their loved ones. Everyone knows that starting a new life abroad is not easy.


The spirit that overcomes them, they also have a small heart#foryou The #AmericanDream #Dreams and Goals #an_immortal #small house #Mood

? Original Sound – 1AmararSolitario

This fact has inspired many artists to create songs that reflect the reality of immigrants in America, one of which has become a song of nostalgia for home and native land, a song that captured social networks in vulnerable moments.

A song that makes immigrants cry in America

This is the single “La Casita” by Banda MS from the album “El Trabajo es la Lute” which was released in 2020. In its phrases you can hear: “How I miss watching the rain, the taste of my old lady , I want to come back, but it's not time yet”, which has undoubtedly made people who miss their homes cry in various TikTok videos.

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