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UVa will invest 11.5 million in the rehabilitation of the headquarters of Medicine

UVa will invest 11.5 million in the rehabilitation of the headquarters of Medicine

The University of Valladolid (UVa) is planning to start the most important work it will take in the coming years in the coming years in terms of infrastructure: a deep reform of the health sciences building. These facilities are located on Avenida de Ramón y Cajal and degrees in medicine, nursing, speech therapy, human nutrition, dietetics, biomedical engineering, biomedicine and advanced therapies are taught there.

It is about utilities that are penalized over time. In fact, the three rector candidates in the recent UVa elections agreed on the need for a revamp that the team of the current dean, Antonio Largo, had been working on for some time.

So much so that the investments of the first stage have already been identified and a project has been formulated. In total, there will be 11.5 million for the repair that will affect the central building, which occupies about 10,000 meters of the 30,000 of the entire complex.

The first of these investments will be around four million and aim to do the energy rehabilitation of this property. This project has already been drafted by UVa’s Technical Unit of Architecture and is awaiting funding from Next Generation funds from the European Union (EU). This intervention will affect 7,623 square meters of facade, including the central courtyard, and 1,676 square meters of roof. The goal is for the envelope to be more efficient from an energy point of view in order to achieve savings and advance decarbonization of facilities. It is a “complicated” job as it requires “the greatest respect for buildings,” as they point out from the university’s Vice Chancellor for Heritage and Infrastructure at UVa.

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New animal house. If all goes well, this business will start before the end of this year, as will the following investment: a new animal facility to replace the one now in the secret envelope of the same building. This project is in the process of being drafted, although UVa hopes to start operating the first facilities this year, after investing €500,000. It will only be a first contribution, because the full cost of the animal facility, including subsequent actions, will be 3.5 million.

The third investment to complete the 11.5 million of this first phase is the reconfiguration of the interior building, where another four million will be allocated. The lecture hall and the Deanship will be held there. It is about the property that offers distribution according to its new services. It must be remembered that two of the six degrees taught there were recently created.

The university’s Vice-Chancellor for Infrastructure, Julio Grijalba, acknowledges the difficulty of setting implementation deadlines, as they depend on several factors, such as funding, which will come through three channels: private funds, next generation aid from the European Union and the university’s plan. Board investments that will have to be determined in The coming months, as the current investment covers the years 2016-2022. The regional government already knows UVa’s plans for this building.

Obtaining external financing is a very important factor, but it does not require the plan. The arrival of these funds may extend deadlines, but at the academic institution it is clear that this project will be one of the most important in the coming years. “The building needs a boost that we have to start doing now,” says the vice-chancellor, who also emphasizes that the goal is to bring these works into line with the building’s academic activity, no matter how complex.

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These first three actions are only a first stage, because the complete overhaul is also considering working on an area of ​​20,000 square meters that is not part of the central building. But for that we will have to wait a little longer.