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Users request to cancel Bowser promoting harassment of PeachMediotiotiempo

Users request to cancel Bowser promoting harassment of PeachMediotiotiempo

There is no doubt about that Super Mario Bros movie It was a smash hit and is the movie that has made the most money based on a video game; However, in the last few hours the topic focused on Bowser’s teasing of the Princess, especially because of his song “Peaches”. Some netizens support it, others oppose it.

Opinions were divided on Bowser’s “Princess Peach”.

Although the lyrics to the tune are not the point of discussion, the character singing them is in this case the villain. camperwho does everything in his power to be by the person he loves: Princess Peach.

As a result, the debate began. On the one hand, there is, for example, LordCaesarCloud when he writes that he is not amused by the swell of harassment.

Let’s not talk about downplaying the annoyances Peach suffers from Bowser and making a song about it. Don’t make me p…. It’s funny to laugh at bullying with a little respect“.

While Facebook user Juan Pablo Arredondo made the following argument.

“in A country where 65 out of 100 men think “no” really means “yeah please beg me more because I play hard to get” It doesn’t surprise me that bats identify with a turtle with nails on its back. The same person who insists and insists and insists on someone you already know they don’t want.”

Users defend the cart

On the flip side, many people advocate that it’s not about any kind of harassment and that the “Glass Generation” doesn’t understand anything. @RkhZn8’s account laid out his stance on this:

Now that they’re complaining that Peach’s song #SuperMarioBrosMovie promotes bullying, it’s not because of the lyrics but because of the character she’s singing to (the camper). So if a handsome person or another princess or hero sang it, it would be fun, right?

While Twitter user @MilesFurry14 found it preposterous to discuss the issue for a tune that could be nominated for an Oscar.

“Are you really telling me that song that just says peach peach peach always promotes bullying towards women!!?”