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USC president rules out medicine in Vigo and will make more places for Conquero

USC president rules out medicine in Vigo and will make more places for Conquero

University of Santiago de Compostela School of Medicine (USC) It “completely covers” the demand for this type of study in Galicia. Thus, the president of the University of Southern California, Antonio Lopez, was resolute when asked by this newspaper, following the statements of the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, who is demanding a faculty at the University of Vigo, noting that it is “a basic demand of southern Galicia”.

Regarding the feasibility of establishing a new medical college located in Vigo coexisting with the historic center of Santiago, López noted that “it is logical, based on the registration data, that it is reasonable to retain one college for all regions of Galicia, taking advantage of the resources of the Galician health system and expanding the participation of professionals from all hospitals In training “.

Among other accusations made by the Vigo councilman last Monday, was an alleged violation by the USC From the agreement reached by the three universities to decentralize hands-on training in the sixth year of the degree, allowing all university hospitals – including the Alvaro Conquero Hospital – to receive students. Antonio Lopez emphasized that at no point in time was this agreement violated, but that “it is not possible to provide all places and cover all needs from year to year,” as the university “gradually works towards enabling places to attend this teaching.”

The president of the University of Southern California also referred to the abolition of compensation for new places called -40 for Santiago against 2 in A Coruña, 3 in Ourense or 1 in Vigo, referring to the educational burden that hospitals in Santiago compared with other places, because “third, fourth and fifth year students also train In me there”, while in the rest of the cities there are students in the sixth year only.

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As the head of the USC pointed out recently An agreement was reached with Sergas to continue providing teaching jobs to hospitals such as those in Vigo.

“We will provide more teaching positions for Alvaro Conquero”

Antonio Lopezz noted that the university recently signed an agreement with Sergas “in which it is supposed to provide places for Vigo and for other hospitals”.But he explains that “for this we need qualified medical professionals to teach” at each of the centers. The Dean of Santiago noted that “we continue to progress to comply with all the agreements signed in that agreement.” Agreement, despite the fact that Vigo’s mayor called it a “temporary”, has a “permanent career” in the words of Antonio López.

The USC President added that based on the agreement signed between the three universities, “we have provided places for hospitals where there were no health sciences affiliates – teachers taking care of medical students – and we will continue to expand the provision of yards in Vigo and A Coruña.”