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USA: Roger Martinez leads losses after disqualification against Chivas

USA: Roger Martinez leads losses after disqualification against Chivas

Cesar Caballero | Adriana MaldonadoMay 22, 2023, at 15:17 ETReading: 4 minutes.

America defines a convertible after failing the 2023 Clausura

Roger Martínez tops the list of players the Águlas board is not interested in in the upcoming Liga MX tournament.

In addition to Fernando Ortiz, there are six players seeking to leave America towards Apertura 2023

Mexico City – Eliminate America In the semi-finals of End of 2023 He would bring with him many names who would not continue to Coapa the next day Opening 2023the first one Not going to continue at the club is Fernando Ortizwho finished his cycle last night with the Eagles, but several players will also leave with the Argentine.

The first player confirmed not to continue is Roger Martinez Who ended their relationship and there is no possibility to renew the Colombian footballer. The striker has finished a five-year contract with the Foundation and is already looking for a new team. Even the coffee farmer was the first to leave the nest after breaking through the ranks of the Coapa club.

Oscar Jimenez Another item that wasn’t in the board’s plans after the goalkeeper lost possession at the hands of Luis Malagón, Jimenez He will be looking for a new team to continue his career and at the moment his most viable option is Xolos de Tijuana, but everything must be resolved in the coming days.

Players like Roger Martinez, Oscar Jimenez and Jonathan dos Santos all set to leave the club at Apertura 2023ESPN

Others who terminate their contract and will not continue in Coapa are Luis Fuentes And Jonathan dos Santos They will therefore have to find a place to play the next tournament or try to strike a new deal with Azulcremas, a situation that seems unlikely. In addition, Jurgen Dam He is practically fixed to play for Bravos de Juárez from Apertura 2023.

There are such cases Peter Aquino who has a contract with the establishment but the same midfielder is looking for his exit from AmericaThe Peruvian prioritizes migrating to a team where he can play more minutes, preferably outside Mexico, after the extortion attempt he suffered a few weeks ago.

In regards to the rest of the team, like every tournament, they are open to listening to offers for their players and should an offer arrive that works for all parties, they will let any element out.

US guidance is also under analysis

On the other hand, with regard to the board of directors, the continuity of Santiago Baños and Diego Ramirez is under analysis and their continuity is not guaranteed at the present time, which is a completely different situation than Hector González Iñárritu who is currently the most powerful man in the leadership. affiliate America.

It is expected that as the days go by, a final decision will be made so that the team already has a specific cycle to start pre-season work in June with a goal Opening 2023.

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