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US military plane crashes while training in Norway |  International |  News

US military plane crashes while training in Norway | International | News

The Norwegian news agency NTB reported that a US warplane with four crew members on board crashed in the Norland region of northern Norway on Friday.

The plane carried out training operations and did not land at the scheduled time, for which emergency services carried out search operations in the area, in which the weather was not right.

According to NTP, the wreckage of the plane has been found, but the whereabouts of the crew are unknown.

“We were never on the ground, so we did not know anything about the four people on board. But we know the damage will be done, “said John Eskil, a spokesman for the rescue squad.

Another representative of the emergency services, Thomas Ringen, pointed out that the search operation was coordinated with the Norwegian Armed Forces, but explained that it was currently being managed as a normal rescue operation.

As confirmed by Lieutenant Colonel Ivor Moyen, the V-22 Osprey model aircraft took part in NATO’s cold response maneuvers in northern Norway.

A spokesman for the rescue services added that strong winds and snow would make it worse at night so the helicopter could not land at the crash site, however, police and a team of volunteers were trying to reach it. Land.

The fighter jet was heading towards the Bodo site, had to land at 6:00 pm local time, and half an hour later the alarm sounded.

Residues of the impact were found three hours later in the air in the municipal area of ​​Bourne. (I)