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'Cubans in Miami are disabled, begging others' says 'El Medico de la Salsa'

‘Cubans in Miami are disabled, begging others’ says ‘El Medico de la Salsa’

The “The Doctor of Salsa” by Cuban singer Manol He said he would never return to Miami and that he could not bear to “speak from a distance” to the Cubans who lived there, and accidentally called them “disabled.”

I left Miami and I will never go back to that place, I could not bear to talk shit like a million Cubans lost their arms and legs in 24 hours.“, He wrote a Instagram post.

Miami gives me a bad impression, it’s like a hospital for the disabled, begging others to do what they can and cannot do“, He added.

According to the musician, “a nation is made up of its people, not by running away and talking”.

Enjoy the place you chose to live in or came to build your country. Every city makes its country“, He called.

Many followers of the controversial person supported him, but others questioned him.

“Well said. Because there are brave people in the networks and in Cuba, they were dumb and eat first class candles.. In addition, many people talk nonsense and criticize and spend their time hesitantly, “said Yassel Moreno.

To Alexander, who Gave “every reason.” “The Sauce Doctor”“Do not live, do not live those who fight for a better country day by day”.

However, Michael Alvarez scolded him: “A country was created by its people, and its people get a lot of money from Miami! In a country where it is difficult for people to express their views freely, it is very difficult to move towards prosperity. Its own people are being oppressed there. “

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What a shame to call yourself a Cuban. Instead of speaking out for your people who are being killed by the Cuban dictatorship, you are criticizing those who are defending the oppressed Cuban people.Ronald Ortono said.

Kukita Montero wrote: “You seem to be a person in Cuba. Unfortunately, thousands of Cubans living in Cuba want to change the country, but they do not have the tools to do so.. Not in Miami, but in Cuba, thousands of people continue to speak ill of this system. “

Undeterred by the fact that his publications critical of the government have alternated between Cuba and Miami in recent years, Manolin returned to the island in October last year to visit his family.. In June 2021 he announced his retirement, but apparently decided to sing again. On February 14 this year, a video shot in a place in Havana like Havana Malegaon was screened.

In early March, he gave his approval Russian invasion of Ukraine In a post on his Facebook profile The United States and NATO have blamed Vladimir Putin for the unleashed invasion. As he passed, he called the Russian president a “completely perfect deaf lion” and the United States a “crime.” The official position of the regime regarding the conflict.