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UJED Board of Directors Approved Two Master’s Degrees and One Ph.D. To Promote Postgraduate Degree – Call Today

After developing a lengthy session, held last Friday, two new Master’s and Ph.D. degrees were approved by the Juarez University Governing Council, led by Rector Rubén Solís Ríos, accompanied by the Secretary-General. , Julio Gerardo Lozoya Vélez, who has taken a very important step in the academic aspect of the highest house of studies in Durango, in which the postgraduate educational offer offered has been strengthened.

After meeting with board members, the University Community Efforts Coordinator, Solís Rios, struck a positive balance in the results obtained on the hard day, noting that the graduate programs approved by the board are master’s programs. Certificate in Social Intervention in Gerontology, from the Faculty of Social Work, and a Master’s degree in Public Health and Epidemiology, provided by the Institute of Scientific Research.

The Institutional Doctorate in Biomedicine, offered by the Faculties of Health Sciences and Chemical Sciences (on the Gómez Palacio Campus), and the Faculty of Medicine and Nutrition and the Institute for Scientific Research (Durango Campus), has also been approved by UJED’s highest university body as a new educational offer, said the university’s president.

“When new postgraduate courses are approved at the university, we think first of all that from the beginning conditions will be created so that these programs can be included in the National Quality Graduate Program of the National Council for Science and Technology,” he said. University’s president.

In the same way, the regulations of the graduate studies departments in the faculties of Psychology and Human Communication Therapy were approved. dentistry (FAOD); Engineering, Science, Architecture (FICA) and Forest Sciences. Also search for the FICA and the FAOD, as well as the Bylaws of the Doctor of Biomedicine. Likewise, the Code of Ethics and Integrity for Public Servants of the University, introduced by the Comptroller General, was approved by the Board of Directors.

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The practical business school was renamed the College of Science and Technology, and its new logo was approved. In addition, the Musical Baccalaureate was also approved, proposed by the Higher School of Music and the Preparatory Day School, which will strengthen the students who graduate.

Finally, Solís Ríos confirmed that approval of the designs was obtained at the suggestion of the Comptroller General of UJED, “…so that we can give the final destination to the university property that is already outdated, either because it has disappeared and has not been recovered, we will apply our criteria on those assets without any liability to the university or any of the academic unit officials.