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Complementary Medicines for Health Service held an ultrasound therapy session at San Fernando Hospital

Complementary Medicines for Health Service held an ultrasound therapy session at San Fernando Hospital

As was the case during the early months of the pandemic, O’Higgins Health Services’ Complementary Medicines unit visited San Fernando Hospital again, this time requested by the health institution’s Quality of Life unit, for a day of voice-guided therapy for civil servants and civil servants.

Elizabeth Gonzalez, who is responsible for complementary medicines for the Health Service, stated that “just like last time, the idea was to contribute to the emotional stability of the officials and give them space for self-care and relaxation.”

The ultrasound therapy session toured several hospitals and primary care centers during 2020, and in this sense, Elizabeth said it was “a strategy that officials liked very much, and so did Daniela Vergara, who is responsible for quality of life at San Fernando Hospital, other hospitals are asking us to come for this.” general, and the fact is that we see health workers connect with these types of sessions, with the sounds and vibrations of bowls and drums, water sticks, among other things, and achieve that during a moment of your workday, be connected and your mind stops generating ideas, and leave it blank for a few moments” .

Like last year, the person in charge of complementary medicines had the support of specialists from the primary care centers in Rancagua and Olívar.

In addition, Elizabeth, along with her team, is ready to participate in the sessions in other healthcare centers in the network: “This is the door we have opened since last year, and it will be difficult for us to close it. We always have the potential and good organization, We are happy to conduct the sessions in the hospitals that ask us.”

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For her part, Daniela Vergara, who is in charge of the Quality of Life Unit at San Fernando Hospital, thanked Elizabeth and her team for being there for this acoustic wave therapy session, capturing the officials who were able to participate, working a thousand hours. To provide better care.