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UdeG graduated first graduate in Forensic Science

UdeG graduated first graduate in Forensic Science

Angelica María Placencia Velasquez is an alumnus of the University of Tonala Center with a thesis on the increase in disappearances of people in Jalisco from 2006 to 2019.

Angelica Maria Placencia Velazquez He is the first bachelor’s degree graduate Forensic Sciences in the University Network of the University of GuadalajaraAfter graduating from the Tonala University Centre Follow Favorite His thesis deals with the increase in disappearance People in Jalisco from 2006 to 2019.

Plasencia Velazquez highlighted his research idea: “Enforced disappearance of persons by individuals in the state of Jalisco. Strengthening coordination and improving first protocols and procedures in the field of human rights” arose from the lack of recommendations from the State Human Rights Commission of Jalisco (CEDHJ) Before the repeated violation of these and to attest to the media and social networks.

“That gave me guidelines for thinking about what was going on around this phenomenon, because at CEDHJ there were only two recommendations, but if we scaled it up, how many recommendations would there be in our state?”Plasencia Velazquez interrogated.

Above all, he studied the steady increase in the number of disappeared from 2006 to 2019 when Jalisco reached the national number one spot in disappearances. “Something is not working because the number of complaints is not declining, but rather increasing,” he asked.

In her youth dissertation pHe points out the lack of coordination between the authorities for life research, forensic identification and crime prevention.

He explained, “This crime requires institutions to be responsible for effective coordination between institutions to achieve the exchange of information and thus not lose traceability.”

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In addition, he acknowledged that the authorities intend to address the problem through the recent coalition of The Ministry of the Interior, the National Tracing Committee and the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciencesto activate data traversal, searches and investigations.

He said, “In the conclusions, I recommended strengthening cooperation between institutions to obtain technical advice on the criminal search for disappeared persons, with the aim of identifying them and investigating the events that caused the disappearance.”