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Fresh master’s graduates from the University of Medical Sciences

Fresh master’s graduates from the University of Medical Sciences

he Sauto TheatreThe National Monument hosted the graduation of the first and second cycle of the master’s programs in higher education and diagnostic media Matanzas University of Medical Sciences.

The graduates received their certificates from some of their professors in an emotional ceremony attended by family members, health directors and the Graduate School. Now they have the challenge of applying their research to the practical field in each of the health institutions in which they currently work.

The graduation ceremony for new master’s degrees not only represents the dreams and efforts of many of them, but also the commitment to this academic title to continue their research lines and solve problems in their environment. This is highlighted by Dr. C. Aristides Lázaro García Herrera.

The ceremony featured musical performances in various formats with both professional and amateur artists. A special moment resulted in a special recognition of the University of Medical Sciences by its counterpart, the University of Matanzas, for its contributions and results in educational, scientific and investigative work.

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