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UCEMICH invites students to pursue a Master's degree in Educational Sciences

UCEMICH invites students to pursue a Master's degree in Educational Sciences

La Cienega University of Michoacán de Ocampo.

Sahuayo, Michoacán.- The University of La Cienega of the State of Michoacán de Ocampo (UCEMICH) has launched the call for participation in the selection process for the integration of the second generation of the Master of Sciences in Education (MCE), linked to the National Council of Humanities, Sciences and Technology (CONAHCYT).

The university center reported that from January 31 to May 31, 2024, interested parties will be able to register to participate in the aforementioned call. This professional master's degree is integrated into the National Postgraduate System (SNP), by CONAHCYT.

UCEMICH noted that the aim of the aforementioned academic program is “to ensure continuous training of education personnel at all levels, through the university administration linked to teaching and research, which ensures the planning and operation of the Master of Education Sciences.”

The MCE graduation profile expects, among other aspects, that there will be a broad ability to plan, apply and evaluate educational solutions from a theoretical, methodological and practical aspect according to the social and cultural context of the place in which the individual works.

Graduates will have educational management and innovation as a skill that allows them to design educational programs and solutions in their own contexts for social and educational improvement.

Also, an MCE graduate from UCEMICH will have strong interdisciplinary knowledge that allows him to analyse, reflect and provide solutions to various educational problems from different approaches and methodologies in line with the cutting edge.

For more information about MCE, visit the UCEMICH website: https://ucemich.edu.mx/

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