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Planning for primary care professionals.  Podcast

Planning for primary care professionals. Podcast

Once he started practicing, he was to give shape to what we know today Primary health care. Thank her today family Medicine he have 4 years of MIR And he has well-defined powers. She was an international consultant and chair of the specialty. And still, what you’re most proud of Veronica got married It is one of the expressions of affection he receives from his patients at the Barksol Health Center in Valladolid and from the students of his university. One of the many axes that underpin this doctor’s professional life, and which we’ll delve into through this new episode of Health Leaders.

Winner of the equivalent of ‘Oscar’ in medicine and Public Health Award 2021trust the good planning of HR As a possible solution to the difficult moment that primary care is going through today. Talk about it Written and evaluable measures and transfers that arise from a joint agreement between management and professionals and that make it possible to maintain that level of care capable of reducing morbidity and mortality in the population and increasing life expectancy.

Transversal gender perspective in health

your suggestions for Continuing care rearrangement They did not have the reception he would have liked, due to the resistance to change that, according to him, is widespread in a sector such as the health sector. Leaving management and returning to his practice was a relief and partly a satisfaction to see the warm welcome he received from his patients.

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As a staunch advocate for scientific evidence in both policy and clinical practice, Casado believes that, as a family physician, one should know “a lot of things” even though the successes achieved are not always visible and have gender perspective It permeates every one of your actions.

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