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UCASAL will have the first Doctor of Legal Sciences accredited by CONEAU

UCASAL will have the first Doctor of Legal Sciences accredited by CONEAU

The Catholic University of Salta launches the Doctorate in Law and Legal Sciences, a unique proposal in the province targeting future graduates, graduates and professionals in the legal field. This academic program is also supported by the National Commission for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Universities (CONEAU).

In dialogue with those responsible for this new proposal, Dr. Eduardo Romani, Dean of the said Faculty, proudly highlights that CONEAU values ​​this academic innovation, and emphasizes that the doctorate will provide a high standard in law. This aims to maximize the academic quality of future students and graduates.

In this context, Dr. Ignacio Colombo, Professor of Constitutional Law, confirms that the doctorate will raise UCASAL’s academic standing in the country, in terms of academic and research capabilities.

For his part, Director of the Federal Institute, Dr. Antonio Maria Hernandez, highlighted the importance of this doctorate for Salta, as it is the highest degree a professional can aspire to in training for the profession he studied.

At UCASAL, academic excellence, continuous updating and ongoing training are priorities. The goal is for each graduate to become a professional in the best possible way, prepared to face the demands of the professional world.

Hear the professionals' point of view:

More information about the PhD: ucasal.edu.ar/doctorado-en-ciencias-juridicas/

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