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MIR elections: reconciliation gains weight

MIR elections: reconciliation gains weight

Doctors were late Obstetrics In relation to other professions. Moreover, as a result of having children at a later age, they experience higher rates of Pregnancy complications. A recently published analysis evaluates medical students' views regarding Family plan How might these goals influence choice? specialty. The conclusions reflect that students recognize that such planning is not well supported in the medical profession and especially during training. Related specialties Surgical activities They provide “less support” for having children.

This is one of the conclusions of the analysis he published a few weeks ago Gamma surgery. “Surgery in particular is considered one of the specialties in which it is generally performed Family planning was discouraged For both men and women. “Students who were motivated to devote themselves to raising a family were more likely to choose the specialty and program that they considered most supportive of their goals,” said the study, which included the participation of 34 fourth-year medical students. University of Toronto.

In addition to this idea, other “truths” felt by these students that support the lack of support were also brought up. One of them is that There is no perfect time to start a family. In the medical profession. Participants stated that their choice to study this degree represented a delay in the aforementioned planning, compared to their colleagues from other academic branches.

Factors taken into consideration are availability motherhood vacation, Return to work once you have a baby, Life balance with workFinancial stability, the structure of medical training (with its attendant financial burdens), and the physical demands of pregnancy and childcare, are a major source of pressure to balance with professional development.

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Family planning is a taboo topic in this profession

But not only is there no ideal time to start a family, but planning for it is in itself ““Forbidden subject”Because they feel that the current culture in medicine “discourages” open discussion on the topic.

“Perceptions about family planning and family-building alignment within the medical profession have been developed through Informal discussions began “by mentors or that arose during training experiences with supervising professors and evaluators,” details the analysis. Additionally, participants explain that although it is up to them to obtain information to position themselves on the topic, they feel they must ask questions discreetly. ., because they are concerned about how the desire to have children will be realized during training and that they reputation “They could be at risk” if they address these issues.

The fourth and final point relates to this last argument: it can be seen that students with children represent A Burden on the medical system They contribute to exhausting their colleagues. “The overall message students heard was that having children during residency disrupts the structure of the training program and that peers are not supportive, and perhaps they should not be,” the study says.

Interventions to create discussions about family formation

This analysis does not focus only on the opinion of those students who studied various specializations at the Canadian university, such as: Women disease also family Medicinebut suggest two primary interventions to address the need to discuss family formation during medical training.

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The first point they highlight is that open discussions about family planning within the degree and supporting creativity should be included in medical curricula and continued during residency in all specialties.

Moreover, efforts are needed to improve the culture through Innovative interventions Which supports Team events And the workload when the student is on parental leave.

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