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UASLP promotes graduate science in chemical engineering

UASLP promotes graduate science in chemical engineering

The postgraduate course, with its master’s and doctoral degrees, focuses on disseminating science and research

San Luis Potosi, SLP. The College of Chemical Sciences (FCQ) of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (UASLP) invites professionals with training in fields or disciplines related to chemistry, to apply for admission to the Master and Doctorate in Graduate Science Program in Chemical Engineering (PCIQ), as part of the admission call For the year 2021.

The program coordinator, Dr. Raul Ocampo Perez, explained that the postgraduate program in chemical engineering, consisting of a master’s and a doctorate, aims to train highly trained human resources to contribute to the scientific and technological development, whether in the country or region.

In the postgraduate program, four lines of knowledge generation and application are cultivated, which focus on supporting the scientific development of the country. Among them are: heterogeneous catalysis, environmental engineering, advanced materials and nanostructures, and process modeling and simulation.

Each institute is attended by research professors with extensive experience and alumni of foreign and national institutions. In addition, each of the researchers belonging to the National System of Researchers (SNI) has different levels, which illustrates the significance of each of these lines.

He pointed out that the goals for masters and doctorates were slightly different. The master’s program focuses on consolidating previous knowledge acquired in the degree to enhance skills, which can focus on the academic part, writing, writing and making oral presentations to strengthen skills in scientific research.

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In this sense, a master’s student, when he graduates, most of the time joins companies in the country. On the other hand, in PhDs, with a scientific orientation, what you do is promote this kind of activities, and from the alumni, during these years, eighty percent have mainly been placed in educational institutions, as research educators, or in the private sector or federal research centers.

El-Sayed was born in 1992 and in the following year he will turn 30. As of 2000, it has been agreed, by the Council for University Orientation (CDU), to establish the PhD, which began in August 2001. Currently, 46 specialists have graduated PhDs, while MA 177.

He added that the epidemic left strategies and opportunities to see the panorama in a different way, and given the economic crisis and the work crisis, it is not easy at the present time to get a good job, and from this point of view he indicated that there is no better way to get it. From this position more is academic preparation, and more when paid by a scholarship that can encourage study.

Deadline to receive applications: Monday, June 28. Email reports to: [email protected] and on the page http://cienciasquimicas.uaslp.mx/