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Enrique Guilabert, tesorero de la OMC.

“The epidemic has shown that what we call the jewel in the crown is defective.”

This year, as the Ministry appears to be already legally armed, there will be no way to know, first-hand, which opponents choose best from among those approved on the MIR, EIR and FIR exam; And an innovative computer system Each opponent is forced to make a list of preferences that can consist of thousands of options, depending on the number on the list.

In addition to the large demonstration that was organized on May 25 at the gates of the Ministry of Health – “I am Mir, we want to choose”, “No trial, we want to choose,” “Without choice or transparency we have run out of patience”, … -, and organized by the State Federation of Medical Syndicates (CESM) and FSE Unida, more than 32,000 people signed a statement on change.org to ensure the ministry guarantees the rights “that protect us in the awarding of places that, to this day, are violated.”

do not forget it With the new system there are additional difficulties, in addition to technology (The system fails, creates insecurity and wastes valuable time for opponents): In family medicine, for example, you have to choose a specialty, city and educational unit, as well as an elementary school and a hospital; Various paths in internal medicine are offered; …

The previous system allowed the opponents to miss their turn if none of the available places were interested in them, so that they would be occupied by others, but with the new, where the places would be granted automatically and then they could be rejected, many could be rejected that finally left vacancies.

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It would have been better for the new MIR, EIR and FIR, and for the ministry itself – What do you gain from this? Do you really not have enough problems with the pandemic and vaccination campaign? Do not touch anything until a consensus is reached with representatives of the applicants and the relevant health professions.

CESM, FSEunida and CGCM have already said, at the ministry, “They are not aware of the consequences involved in this change of system, and that it has been recognized and is working without issue until the last call.” This “the proposed tool did not have the same guarantees, so it will be necessary to revert to the previous system in order for it to be implemented properly”.

Prior to this, CGCOM’s national voice of teachers and medical educators took a stand against unilateral decisions: “Once again, the Directorate General of Occupational Regulation Department team at the Ministry of Health turns its back on the opinion of a group of professionals with teaching obligations, when implementing the decisions made by They will not guarantee fair and secure elections for all applicants for office“.

It is clear that it is incomprehensible that in a health emergency such as the current one, the Ministry has opened a parallel crisis in the dimensions of this case. Secretary, Carolina Darias: Couldn’t this have been done with more care?With the support of the health professions and in less tense circumstances than the current ones?