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Trump's record report blacked out most of the information released  International

Trump’s record report blacked out most of the information released International

The statement justifying the search of Donald Trump’s Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago, is already public, but Published version It is practically halfway through the content. The full version of that affidavit contained indications of guilt against the former Republican president, but no evidence or specific evidence was released Friday. There were only a few novel references, including that the FBI feared that withholding Trump documents would jeopardize the identification of “human sources of covert intelligence.”

Certified It is signed by an FBI special agent whose identity has not been disclosed but who is said to be trained in counterintelligence and espionage investigations. References to the course of inquiry were also passed. Yes, the origins of the case were reconstructed through a National Archives handoff whereby Trump would first return the documents required by law, and then surprisingly, when he handed over 15 boxes, there were 184 of them. Classified documents. Of those, 67 were marked as confidential; 92, secret and 25, top secret.

The pages of the report justifying the search of Trump’s mansion, which was released this Friday, go over a lot of information.John Elswick (AP)

The FBI had indications that Trump had more classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, so it requested a search. But most of these indications, including some photographs, were apparently contradicted in the document made public this Friday. An FBI investigation confirmed that the contents of the 15 boxes contained documents with classification markings that appeared to contain national security information. [entregadas a los Archivos en enero pasado tras reiteradas peticiones] and stored on campus [de Mar-a-Lago] In an unauthorized place,” he says. Certified

“There is probable cause to believe that other documents containing classified national security information or other presidential documents subject to record retention requirements are currently at the facility. There is also probable cause to believe that evidence of the embargo will be discovered,” the special agent signing the affidavit says.

Sensitive information

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Publication of detailed list of seized assets Let it be known already that the FBI is correct. 11 sets of classified documents were discovered, many classified as Top Secret and some with the acronym TS/SCI, which refers to extracted top secret classified information, intelligence sources, methods or analytical procedures or their derivatives, which must be handled in a formal manner. Access control systems.

Among the documents released this Friday is a letter from Trump’s lawyers to the Justice Department dated May 25 that says a president has full authority to declassify documents. Two weeks ago, Trump said he had downloaded all of those documents, although he offered no documentary justification.

In any case, Articles of the US Criminal Code under which Trump is being investigated They do not require that the documents be classified in the definition of crime, but that would be harmful to national security. After reviewing the different classifications of the returned documents and those still found at Mar-a-Lago (which have not been released), the special agent signing the report says: “Based on my training and experience, I know documents classified at these levels generally contain national security information.

In an affidavit, legal definitions and precedents are often known. Instead, most of the information about the investigation has been withheld. The section entitled “There is probable cause to believe that documents containing national security information and records of the President are on the premises” is almost entirely violated. [de Mar-a-Lago].

Trump’s reaction

The fact that much of the document is censored robs it of its strength. Trump is playing to that advantage He responded to the publication of this report with a message on his social media: “Highly violated affidavit!! Total PR stunt by FBI & DOJ with no mention of “Nuclear”. [Departamento de Justicia], or our close working relationship with document delivery – we gave them a lot. Judge Bruce Reinhart should not have allowed me to search my house. He withdrew from one of my cases two months ago based on his hatred and dislike for me, his favorite president. What has changed? Why didn’t he withdraw in this case? Obama must be very proud of him now! has written

These types of affidavits are not released while the case is pending. The Justice Department argued that its disclosure could compromise the investigation and that the document would be unintelligible and meaningless if only partially released, and therefore opposed it. “The omissions necessary to mitigate the damage to the integrity of the trial would be so extensive as to render the rest of the text devoid of meaningful content.” He said in a brief filed in court last week.

However, federal judge Bruce E. Reinhardt decided to accept the withholding of substantial parts and publish it. The owner argued at a hearing last Thursday in a South Florida court that he could not say whether or not what was left was in the public interest, appropriate and important. The Justice Department issued a declassified version this Thursday. After receiving it, Judge Reinhart approved the search warrant, approved the proposed shortcuts and decided to release the document this Friday.

Both the attorney general’s office and Trump agreed to release the search warrant, its attachments, and a list of assets seized by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. Let me know that Trump is being investigated for at least three potential crimes punishable by fines and/or lengthy prison termsA number of other documents were also found on record Classified as “Top Secret”. Trump later accused her of being classified Those documents, although there is no documentary evidence for them.

Check out Trump’s record statement. If you can’t see the image properly, Download the document in PDF here.

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