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Trump tries to blow up Republican primaries debate: “My interview will have a bigger audience” |  International

Trump tries to blow up Republican primaries debate: “My interview will have a bigger audience” | International

Donald Trump decided to become a major participant in the first debate of the Republican candidates for the 2020 presidential election. However, in his desire to lead, he simply could not stand aside. By the time the debate started, the controversial communicator Tucker Carlson posted on X, the network formerly known as Twitter, an interview he recorded with the former president a few days ago. With that, he tries to attract attention and spark a debate. “I’m giving this interview and we’ll get more viewers with this crazy format than the debate.”

In the interview, Trump explained why he did not attend the Milwaukee debate. As he is leading in the polls, he sees no point in it. “Should I sit there for an hour or two, whatever it is, be harassed by people who shouldn’t even be running for president? Should I do it on a network that’s not particularly friendly to me?” Trump said in a 46-minute interview. “All these people shout at me, ask me questions, and I want to answer all of them, I want to do. But there is no point in doing them, so I pass,” he said.

And he attacked his expected 2024 presidential challenger: “Joe Biden is the worst president in the history of our country.”

With a dedicated interviewer, after submitting him to a political process, he asked if he didn’t believe in it. (Dismissal), To four consecutive accusations that he was not afraid they would try to kill him, Trump replied: “They are wild animals. They are sick.” Regarding the political situation, he said, “There is a level of passion and hatred that I have never seen.

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The counter-programming interview was a double affront to the conservative Fox network owned by tycoon Rupert Murdoch. First, because the channel is telecasting the debate this Wednesday. Second, Fox fired Carlson in April after a defamation lawsuit cost the network nearly $800 million. He has openly feuded with his former star host, who continues to pay him his multi-million dollar contract, but insists he does not work in other media outlets.

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In the midst of intense heat, a few hours before the debate, congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green, on EL PAÍS and Catalunya Radio radio at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, pointed out what the eight candidates had to do. Withdraw and support Trump’s return to the White House.

The Georgia congresswoman, known by her initials MTG, acknowledged that wasn’t going to happen because that way, she said, “they keep getting donations and their consultants keep getting paid, so they’re going to keep going a little longer.” MTG was among those who suggested Trump not attend the Milwaukee debate: “I told him not to because it was a waste of time. He wins the primaries and has no reason to go to the podium. He has nothing to prove to these candidates, and he has already shown America after four years in the White House. We want it to come back.”

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson disagreed, telling reporters in Milwaukee before the debate: “I would have loved to see President Trump here.” However, the main task of the elected, in his opinion, “is to unite the country, not divide it.” “President Biden promised to do and has done the exact opposite.”

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