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A young man from Medellin went to the United States to be vaccinated and went missing at the Miami airport

A young man from Medellin went to the United States to be vaccinated and went missing at the Miami airport

Miguel Angel Roldan Cordoba

Miami-Date officials are already on track Miguel Angel Roldan Cordoba, 23 years old from Medellin, While preparing to return to Colombia at Miami Airport, all contact was lost after the immigration problem.

The Zone 33 organization of Colombians abroad has already begun searching for the young man, and as confirmed to the EFE agency, they lodged a complaint with authorities last Saturday. Confirmed that there was no one with the characteristics described in the morgue and hospitals.

The organization, cited by the Vanguardia newspaper, was able to confirm with immigration officials Roldan Cordoba did not leave the United States, although he was last seen boarding a flight to Colombia., To end a short visit to that country.

However, EFE confirmed that American Airlines, which was traveling to the young man’s country, had contacted the family on July 25 after receiving the luggage in Medellin and not picking it up at the airport. In other words, Miguel Angel checked in on the airline to return home, delivered his luggage, but did not board the plane.

Alejandra Maria Cordoba, the mother of Miguel Angel, has begun searching for her son through social networks and has appealed to companies and authorities to find out where he is, so far, nothing has been known since he confessed in various media.

According to Univision, the young man went to the United States because his mother wanted him to clear his mind because of the restrictions and loneliness imposed by the Govt-19 epidemic in the capital, Antioch. He can get vaccinated in that country and meet a childhood friend who lives in Los Angeles.

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Shortly before returning, the young man lost a bag in which he carried his cellphone and vaccine documents, both Covit-19 and an identification. The situation has reduced contact with his family in Colombia, and he had the last conversation with his mother three days before his return, he told W Radio.

How he traveled from Los Angeles to Miami Airport on July 24 because he had to complete a three-hour stop at that airport before arriving in Colombia. But nothing was known about the young man from that moment on, for more than 20 days.

According to Michelangelo’s mother, Due to the loss of documents, they did not allow him to enter the plane at the time of boarding because he was unable to prove a negative test of Govt-19.Or he had already been vaccinated in that country and did not have sufficient documentation to return the visa.

The young man’s mother maintains it This could not have been an arbitrary disappearance because Miguel Angel had already planned to apply for a student visa from Colombia and had completed the entire process of returning to the country.He even tried, but was only able to send his luggage abandoned at the Antioch airport.

Until Aug. 14, Miami-Tate was unable to file a report with police, the mother told the station because it was nearly a week late to confirm she was on the plane.

This is very difficult. Every day I think of different things and I feel guilty because I sent him there“, The mother told Univision because she was thinking of traveling to the United States to make sure that the woman is not usually a person with many friends and no problems or troubles.

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The Zone 33 system had phones 305-476-5423 and 305-876-7373 For any information that would clarify the case, knowing the whereabouts of Miguel Angel.