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Trial of the Century culminates in the Vatican: what you should know

Trial of the Century culminates in the Vatican: what you should know

Viglioni bases his arguments on the doubts raised about the testimony of Bishop Perlasca, because for the contradictions into which it occurred And because, apparently, he would have accepted external proposals from Francesca Immacolata Shawki, former member of the Reference Committee for the Study of the Economic and Administrative Structure of the Holy See (COSEA) which in 2016 He was sentenced to ten months For their cooperation in leaking secret documents to the Vatican.

However, according to Vatican NewsThe promoter of justice stated during the 84th session that Monsignor Perlasca’s testimony is not “the cornerstone of the investigation” and that the former official did not provide “any evidence” about the money given to Marogna.

The promoter added, “If it is true that Marogna cheated on Becchio, why didn’t he report it? Why did you continue to meet her in 2021? Why did you welcome her into your home?”

He also confirmed that “the Pope did not authorize the money to Marogna, because he knew nothing about her, but to the British company Inkerman,” which was charged with mediating the release of the Colombian nun.

Regarding the case of Caritas Ozeri, Viglioni confirms that the money was not intended for the cooperative run by the cardinal’s brother, but rather to support the revitalization of a local bakery and for a project called the Castle of Charity.

On the other hand, the Vatican Public Prosecutor’s Office criticized that the defense did not confront in this case “the results of the investigation conducted by the GdF (Financial Guard) of Oristano” regarding the Diocese of Ozeri and the Space Cooperative.

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The Vatican Secretariat of State requires that all crimes be punished

A few days before the ruling, I read a letter sent by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, to the Office of the Minister of Justice. The letter is dated November 6, but was sent to the said office on December 11.

According to Vatican NewsThe letter was read during the 84th session “in response to a request from the same office regarding the absence of a complaint from the Secretary of State and confirmation of whether there is a willingness to proceed.”

In the letter, Cardinal Parolin explains that “following the position already adopted by the Secretary of State, I confirm the request for the prosecution and punishment of all crimes for which action is taken at the request of a party and for which the Secretary of State considers himself the ‘offending party.’”

While Cardinal Becciu’s lawyer, Maria Concetta Marzo, also confirmed that the Cardinal’s complete innocence of any alleged crime had been “proven”, the Office of the Promoter of Justice reiterated its request to convict the Cardinal and ban him from exercising any public office. On a permanent basis.