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Treasury and Economic Sciences Council crystallize actions in Corrientes

The Minister of Finance and Finance, Marcelo Rivas Piacentini, received yesterday the President of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of Corrientes, Rodolfo Lopez. The entity has about 2,900 registrants across the province, including public accountants, economics graduates, management graduates, and other professions in the sector.

The meeting took place in the Conventions Hall of the Ministry of Finance and Finance in Corrientes. Minister Rivas Piacentini was accompanied by Advisory Secretary of the Economic Portfolio Hector Grachot, and Deputy Director of Taxation and Inspection at the General Directorate of Revenue, Alejandro Crivelli.

While the President of the Professional Council, Rodolfo Lopez, was accompanied by the Secretary of the Entity Facundo Lagos, as well as from the Council, Prosecutor General Cecilia Costidiano.

Minister Rivas Piacentini described the meeting as very important and positive. The head of the province’s economic file confirmed that the meeting comes within the framework of the permanent institutional dialogue between the Ministry of Finance and Finance with the Professional Council for Economic Sciences in Corrientes and with the various representative sectors in the province.

“We appreciate the minister’s call, we have an institutional link but this new step that we are taking is important, which is to continue and strengthen communication channels in the context of a pandemic that has caused a typical disruption in the context of the health crisis,” Lopez said.

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