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“This is not just for this pandemic.”

“This is not just for this pandemic.”

The meetings between the Chilean authorities and the company have already begun Sinovac to Factory installation in our country.

The meetings, on Wednesday, were with authorities from the Ministries of National Assets, Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation.

second courier, Andres CoffeyI spoke with Ciudadano ADN and provided details of the project and its scope for our country.

The Foreign Minister explained that they are visiting sites to install the factory, Find alternatives in Santiago and Antofagasta.

R&D Feature

On the characteristics of Chile, Covey explained that “Chile is a good gateway to different markets.”and added that “One of our great advantages is our R&D capability”.

Regarding the latter, the minister commented on the various clinical trials under development between the government, the academy and Sinovac, such as studies on booster doses and clinical trials on minors, among others.

“This cooperation is part of the attractions of installing a plant in our country” He emphasized, adding that although the plant will be a factory in the beginning, operations in our country may progress.

“This is not just for this pandemic,” Minister Covey said, referring to other laboratory vaccines, such as influenza..

Sputnik vaccine approved

The Minister of Science and Technology also noted the ISP’s approval of the Sputnik V vaccine.”It’s good news that we have an additional approved vaccine. It is important that the options are open.” Andres Covey said.

“We know that international demand is very high and that alternatives are important,” Covey said of the diversity of vaccines available to residents.

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