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Transfermóvil exceeded 100 million transactions in one month in Cuba

According to official data, in November 2023, Transfermóvil, the most popular mobile payment platform in Cuba, reached an impressive record by exceeding 100 million transactions in one month. This unprecedented achievement demonstrates the high level of acceptance and usage that the platform enjoys among Cuban users.

Likewise, Transfermóvil recorded a significant increase in the number of active users, reaching 4.52 million in November. This number reflects the increasing interest and “trust” people have in the platform to conduct their daily transactions and access their financial services. All this despite there being constant complaints about its operation.

One of the key elements that has contributed to Transfermóvil’s success, according to sources Officially, the Mitransfer wallet was launched in February this year. This new option is supposed to improve the accessibility and reach of the platform, making it easier for users to make payments in a more “convenient and secure” way.

New version of Transfermóvil in Cuba

A new version of the Transfermóvil app, which facilitates online payments from your mobile phone, was launched in mid-November in Cuba. The developers announced some improvements and new features in this update.

The new version of Transfermóvil is “1.231109” and offers new options for clients of the national banks BANDEC, Metropolitano de La Habana and BPA. Among them are Aguas de Varadero payments and the purchase of packages and plans.

The name of the MiTransfer wallet has also been changed, and is now just called MiTransfer, without the word “Bolsa”. With this service you can pay in Aguas de Varadero and consult other services of the same entity.

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In addition, the new version of Transfermóvil allows you to make payments for heritage visits and tours in historical and cultural places such as Cañonazo de las Nueve, Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro, San Karls de la Cabaña Fortress and Granma. Monument, House of Che, Havana Lighthouse, Santo Domingo de Atares Castle and La Real Fuerza Castle.

You can also check available visits and tours and purchase packages and plans. If you want to download the new Transfermóvil update in Cuba, you can do so from this link. Click here.