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Old Argentine 10-cent coin worth up to 120,000 pesos to collectors

Old Argentine 10-cent coin worth up to 120,000 pesos to collectors

Currently, there are a large number of Coins which has high value For the monetary history of different countries and for which University They usually pay Millionaire numbers To catch them.

the numismatics It has become one of the favorite activities for thousands of people around the world. Many of them usually dispute Auctions Sample acquisition most popularl Unique properties And with The most imperceptible details.

In many cases, disputed lots tend to have a file Economic or artistic valuelike the Argentine piece 10 centswhich is worth six figures to collectors.

It is called the “Loose Hair Dollar” and is worth more than $13 million to collectors.

This shiny coin could be worth thousands of dollars because of a very specific error that occurred

Numismatics: 150-year-old coin for which collectors paid more than $120,000

It’s about 10 cent coin Of the Argentine Republic, agreed between 1881 and 1883which is currently valued at $120,000.

The Argentine coin minted between 1881 and 1883 is one of the favorite coins of coin collectors. (Source: es.numista.com)

They have great historical value and their rarity makes them even more desirable by those who are dedicated to making distinctive and important collections.

The material of this Argentine 10 cent coin He is silver And it only has weight 2.50 grams.

This is the most expensive Argentine coin in the world: how many thousands of dollars were paid for it

Argentine currency from the time of hyperinflation which is valued at $100,000

Likewise, it is a Uncirculated currencySo it’s rare. For this reason, it is highly sought after by collectors who want to add it to their collection.

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