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Miles de grabaciones de audio y datos personales no autorizados: una mujer solicita a Amazon los datos recopilados sobre ella y queda en 'shock'

Thousands of unauthorized audio recordings and personal data: Woman asks Amazon for data collected on her while in ‘shock’


Oct 21, 2021 00:49 GMT

In a video on TikTok, he indicated that the tech giant had collected information from the smart speakers it has in the house.

A woman posted a video that recently went viral on TikTok, showing how much data Amazon has collected about her.

My.data.not.yours “tiktoker” explained that it requested to see all the data, but did not expect to receive much. He revealed that he has it in his house Smart Bulbs and Three Amazon SpeakersTwo are the Amazon Dot and the other is an Echo device.

“When I downloaded the ZIP file, these are all the folders that came with it,” tiktoker says before revealing thousands of short audio files that Amazon, according to her, had collected from its smart speakers.

The woman confirms that there is 3534 audio clips Just in this file and played a file in which he talked about turning on the light.

In the video that already contains more than 2.7 million viewsThe woman also indicated that a file was sent to her with her contacts: “It turns out that they have Full list of contacts from my phone and I don’t remember ever syncing that.”

He also indicated that the last thing he didn’t know they were was where they were. In one of the folders he found another file that apparently appeared Exact location From Alexa smart speakers.

‘I’m not quite comfortable with everything they have’Added the woman, who dedicated her account on the platform to videos about data privacy and technology.

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